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St Albans – What to do in a day

I used to live in St Albans, I spend eight years around St Albans and Harpenden. This video brings a lot of memories. Now can you write a small text with the following words? Tourist information centre Staff Bustling market Market stalls gifts watermill shopping eating walk through


Watch this lovely video and tell me, can you use the following words to write your own text describing a trip somewhere?

To seek
To taste
To belong
Fine wines
To shrug

Have fun!


We got to Portsmouth to see this poster, Britain’s got talent.The queue was not as long as I expected though. (not on the photo).

We got to : Arriver à 
To expect : s’attendre à 
Though : cependant

Image result for portsmouth

We bought my son his school uniform for September. This is the blazer he will be wearing daily with the crest representing his school. We don’t yet know which house he will be in.

Crest : armoirie
To buy, bought, bought : acheter
to wear, wore, worn : porter (habits)
yet : encore

To be continued …

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